International School in Jakarta: The Most Influential Aspects Choosing Global Sevilla

Education is an essential part of a child’s life from an early age. For parents, choosing a place for their children to go to school is one of the most influential decisions for their child’s future. Global Sevilla International School in Jakarta can provide the right education to get the best ability. In addition, there are many benefits to enrolling students at this school. Check out this information!


What Are the Most Influential Aspects of Choosing International School?

  1. Native Language Teacher

Given that the curriculum used is an international standard, it is not surprising that the teachers are native speakers. It is a driving factor why children can have more abilities in the language. For example, Global Sevilla implements the Cambridge curriculum, so the teaching teachers will use English, as well as their teachers who are native English speakers.

The advantage of implementing an English curriculum will give students more proficient language skills. With these skills, they can be more proficient in using a second language like their mother tongue used in daily life. It will have an impact on students’ abilities if they later enter higher education levels such as universities or in the world of work.

  1. Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities are also the reason why many parents have International School in Jakarta for their children. Like at Global Sevilla, students can choose various after-school activities according to their talents and interests. Students can choose from activities ranging from swimming, art, sports, and much more.

  1. Class size

Class size is also a consideration when choosing an International School. For that reason, Global Sevilla pays attention to this aspect as one of the essential things in teaching its students. International schools regulate the number of students in each class to be able to provide the right teaching if the class size is ideal with the right teaching method.

  1. How to Assess Students

The assessment carried out by the international school in Jakarta is adjusted to academic levels and ages. For kindergarten, the assessment uses the IEYC curriculum, the primary school will implement an active-based curriculum. Meanwhile, at the highest level at Global Sevilla, use a project-based curriculum as the primary assessment method for secondary level students.

Overall, Global Sevilla is the best school that parents can choose for their children for the best future. The learning method used is of international standard, so it can provide benefits for students who enter the school. Students will have skills that can compete globally and can take education to a higher level.